Tuesday, February 14, 2006

St. Valentines.

There 're very few people in History that I try to follow their Foot steps, atleast their Path. And St. Valentines is one of them. Though Most of us know about him coz of Valentines' Day, but very few know about other facts of his life. It's a long list of his Services as Wellbein' of Humanbein' so he is also in my list. List of Great people.

I 've a bit different view of Love than others, though my view is alot closer to St. valentines's view. You can read his View of Love in his book "Laupercus Zeus d Hera" (Sacred Marriage of Zeus 'n' Hera). He wrote this book in 361 AD when he was in "Via Flaminia". This book is available only in Roman Catholic Church 'n' Brussells Catholic Church.

Accordin' to him, "Love is a Holy Sacred relationship" that's what I believe also. Valentines Day is not just about a Man 'n' Woman Romantically. Valentines Day is about Love 'n' Love is about wife/husband Mother, father, sister, brother, kids, friends, family, everyone 'n' about God too.

So today I wished Love to everybody. To God, to all family members, to all friends 'n' now to all of you. I Love all of you my Blogger brothers 'n' sisters. And Yes, Spread this Love to everybody you know 'n' don't know. Smile to everybody you see today 'n' after. Talk to everybody with Love, kindness 'n' a Sweet Smile, coz this is what St. Valentines did 'n' wanted others to do.



At February 14, 2006, Anonymous Shelleigh (aka Pie Shell) said...

Very nice. You too, are loved.

At February 15, 2006, Blogger joey♥ said...

happy belated valentine's day! hope your day was filled with love.

At February 15, 2006, Blogger Lisa said...

Happy V-Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At February 15, 2006, Blogger samrina said...

Very true saying about love, thats wat i beleive too.

Lets all of us spread love n pray for the peace in this world, our home :)



At February 15, 2006, Blogger kate said...

So sweet, I loved this, I agree this is all love for different people and we just feel it with different feelings.

At February 15, 2006, Anonymous stacy said...

happy valentine day, khurram, thanks for sharing this information, about valentine,


At February 15, 2006, Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...

SHELL _ Thankyou Dear! thankyou for lovely Prayers.

JOEY _ Happy Valentines to you also. I'm sure you enjoyed the day.

LISA _ Happy V-Day to you 'n' your husband, Hop you both had nice fun.

SAMRINA _ I'm glad to know that you 've such nice Beliefs about Love. Hope you enjoyed your Love with all your love-ones.

KATE _ You 're right, it's just love but we 've it in different forms with different people.

STACY _ Your welcome, Well I post things here just you all can learn 'n' enjoy.


At February 15, 2006, Blogger Cara said...

I agree that V-day is to acknowledge love for everyone, especially family!!

Happy belated Valentine's Day to you too!!:)

At February 16, 2006, Anonymous Shelleigh (aka Pie Shell) said...

You have been awfully quiet. Are you okay?


God Bless You.

At February 16, 2006, Blogger TheBlondeBrunette said...

Happy b-lated Valentines day I was stuck at work since monday so I shared the day with my ems {emergency medical sercives}
family.......so to say the least I worked my tail off the past 72 hours they have new stretchers in bastrop since I last worked there and there weight is 125 lbs without a patient on them so needless to say that any and every part of my body is aching from straining to pick these people up in the wee hours of this morning we had a man that weighed well over 400lbs and my partner is also a woman so we had an adventure trying to get him loaded in the ambulance. That is how I spent my valentine..... I hope that yours was lot more pleasent..

At February 16, 2006, Anonymous No One said...

Hey Happy Belated Valentines Day...thanks for the brief history...so what did you do for valentines day? anything special? anyways,see ya, champ!

At February 16, 2006, Blogger Porn Queen said...

so how did yo spend your valentine?

At February 16, 2006, Anonymous cute shazia said...

Oye, I have been calling you for last 2 days. where are you?


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