Monday, November 06, 2006

A Stolen Tag....

I stole this tag from No One, for now it's worth.....


Height: 6′0″
Color: wheatish.
Piercin': Ewww!
Tattoos: None.

Right Now

Time: 23:56 hrs
Mood: ummm (just woke up after 3 hours sleep, what do you think?)
Taste: eatin' a Chicken Cheez Sandwich.
The weather: Clear, but with light cold air (my most favorite).
Bad habit: I'm an Acha Bacha..... (good kid).
Current crush: Tomorrow, I'm gettin' my new car, you can guess now.
Biggest regret: Bein' a human I can get into mistakes, I learn from my mistakes but I won't let it get on my nerves.
Perfume(s): Des Lou.
Thing I want to do: Fly in this fresh light cold air.


TV show: Who's line is it anyway? (thank God! they started this season).
Book: I 'll take Book Tag after this, you 'll know.
Non alcoholic drink: Pepsi is part of my daily diet.
Milk drink: Fruit Mix Shake (apple, banana, strawbery)
Brand: WBA only.
Color: Black as first option, White as second.
Emblem: It just goes.
Perfume: Des Lou, Renia.
Designer: I like Armani Pro 'n' Rico Pro.
Chocolate: Back Now.

Have I Ever

Broken the law: My early teen age, I was knows as Jaw breaker. (thank God! it ended soon before Law breaker)
Misused credit card: Nope! in stuff like this my Faith kicks in.
Skipped school: Are you gonna tell my History teacher? she was called Lady Hitler.
Fell asleep in the shower/bath: Not in shower!!!! but yes many times in bath.
Had children: Nope!
Been in love: yep…
Been hurt: yep…


Have a job: You 're not hired by Stock market brokers. Are you?
My CD player has what in it right now:
Andrea Bocelli, Livin' Legends.
If I were a crayon, the color? Stupid question....
What makes me happy? When I visit Charity House, helpin' others 'n' lovin' others is my Religion.

When/What Was the Last

I got a real letter: Does office mail count?
Got an email: I get many everyday, Office, Blog etc.
Thing I purchased: A new pair of Heavy Watson.
TV program I watched: Italian Opera.
Movie I saw in the theaters: The Departed.
Hugged: Were you the one, tryin' to look inside my window?
Song heard: "Never Died" by
Andrea Bocelli.
Place I was [besides home]: Gym.
Phone call: David.
Was depressed: nope....

What Comes to Mind When I Hear

Car: Douge Durgano (Suv)
Murder: Murdur, Drugs 'n' Sex(out of mariage) is Sin. atleast to me.
Cape: you can guess.....
Cell: Secret, not safe to tell coz of Virus.
Fun: Music, Opera.
Shoe: Heavy Watson.
Music: Depends on Mood.
Love: pain…desire…passion…obsession…

You 're tagged, so do get it.