Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rest in Peace.....

Ok, I'm not dead, I'm alive but just away from blogger again. Well I 've reasons for not bein' here, I'm sure you all 'll not be mad at me.

My sister is visitin' from Australia with her husband, she gave birth to a baby boy 3 days ago. There was some health problem to my sister 'n' she needed blood, so I had to fa 2 bottles of my blood to my sister, so last 3 days I was takin' rest in Rest in Peace position, LOL! Though she is ok now 'n' her baby is also healthy. Thank God...

I 'll post my nephew's pics soon here. I hope you all 're doin' good.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Birthdate Test Tag....

Found this test on Amzu's blog, Though I don't believe in Stars 'n' Birthdate stuff but my friends think that this test tells alot about me. You should also check yours 'n' tell me if it really tells alot about you?

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

You all 're part of my Prayers.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Birth place 'n' Bhangra...

Those of you who know me very well, they know that I was born in Pakistan. Since my childhood I 've traveled 'n' lived in almost every part of the world, but couldn't get much time to live in Pakistan. The little time I 've lived in Pakistan 've attracted me alot to my Paki roots 'n' culture. Aug 14 1947 is the day when Pakistan came out of British occupation as an independent nation. So we enjoyed our Mother Pakistan's birthday. Here 're few celebration pics. I took few with my own cam 'n' some 're from my friends.

Paki flag is bein' raised in Ring Park.

With the raisin' of flag, a Paki girl is singin' Paki National Anthem.

People wavin' 'n' cheerin' after the National Anthem.

Pakies commin' to Ring Park, with Paki shirts 'n' flags.

Some American 'n' Canadian students commin' to the park 'n' they were welcomed with flowers.

Some White 'n' Black friends carryin' Paki flag.

Some crazy Pakies with flags on the car.

A guy outside of Park to welcome the people.

An English friend enjoyin' the Paki music with Paki Henna on her hands.

Paki guys beatin' the Paki drums (Dhol).

Paki guys singin' with Dhol beat 'n' enjoyin' Paki dance (Bhangra).

Paki guys playin' background Bhangra music.

Paki, Chinies 'n' American girls in Bhangra dance.

Girls from many different parts of the world, in Paki dress, enjoyin' Bhangra dance.

Paki pregnant cousin can't resist Bhangra music.

Paki, American 'n' English girls 'n' guys, in a Paki style pose.

My friend John from Dallas, in Paki clothes enjoyin' Bhangra music.

A nearest sports complex with a mega huge Paki flag.

Both of my uncles enjoyin' Bhangra, one was drunk 'n' my aunt didn't let him enter the house all night. LOL!

Ustad Billa Khan playin' the small Dhol. His music make everyone go crazy. We call him Billa Clinton. LOL!

There 're many more pics 'n' I don't think blogger 'll let me post more. We enjoyed alot 'n' I'm sure you all 're enjoyin' your time.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

What to do?

I'm sorry for stayin' away for many days, I wanna thankyou for all your emails 'n' your concern. I 've been busy alot. I 've been busy with my friends, we 're arrangin a Huge music concert on August 14. So pics 'll be here soon.

I don't know what time of night it is, I just couldn't sleep so watched a touchy episode of Opera. This episode made me think of my own life 'n' gave me few questions to think.

Ok, I 've question for all of you, need your opinions. "When you 're tryin' hard to do somethin' 'n' puttin' all your concerns, all your energy 'n' all your passion in it, but still can't do it then what is the solution? give up or continue tryin' more?".

Do let me know with your opinions, I hope you all 're doin' good.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Your Power.....

Ok, I'm tagged again. Just click on the pic to find out your power level.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Samrina tagged me for this. It's the list about the things I prefer, I'm changin' the few things in the list with my choice, you all 're tagged, so take the tag 'n' change or add the things of your choice.

I Prefer:
  • Love over Hate
  • Peace over Violence
  • Autumn over all other seasons
  • Coffee over Tea
  • Sweet over Sour
  • Listenin' over Speakin'
  • Smile over Cry
  • Black over White Color
  • Fast over Chinese food
  • Casuals over Formal
  • Four wheeler over Two wheeler
  • Internal Beauty over External Beauty
  • Sitting alone or with a friend infront of a sea over Going to a Party
  • Simplicity over Fashion
  • Opera over Movie (but I know girls like movies so I 'll 've to follow my wife in future) LOL!