Sunday, January 29, 2006

No Talk, No Rock, No Way.

Yeh! It's only one in the pic but there were (3)three on the table but right now there is no one on the table. Actually they 're fightin' to claim their Space right inside my Stomach. I'm feelin' sooooo Good. LOL!

These days I'm like "No talk, No rock, No way". Normally I don't workout on Sundays but these days I'm workin' out (7)seven days a week Coz of upcommin' Boxin' Match. I 've also changed my Diet, I think Add is more Suitable word. Yeh! i 've Added my Diet, Plus I'm workin' out (3)three hours a day now.

As you all know, New Contract is also takin' alot of me 'n' I'm puttin' more of my Energy in it. These days I just open a file 'n' then I'm Lost for hours, Check concernin' Computer Data 'n' I'm Lost for hours. End of the day I 've to take a Presentation from Team members. On Friday I was checkin' Computer Data 'n' I just turned my head for a second and looked at these files 'n' Smiled. Coz I 've checked all the files for Report 'n' only these files 're left. I'm sure they 'll be done in next (2)two days. Then I 'll just wait for the Contract Meetin' 'n' there 'll be enough time for me to focus my attention on Match.

These days when I come back home, I spend more than an hour in Bath tub 'n' Yes! It really works coz when I come out of it I feel no Tired, no Lazy.

So life is Pretty Busy these days, I'm gonna take OFF (2 or 3) weeks after Match so my Body 'n' Mind both can rest. I 've no plans yet about how to spend those weeks, Should I just sleep at home 'n' read few books or go out somewhere. Well, I 'll think about it later, for now Contract 'n' Match 're Important to wory about. It's Gym time so I'm out. I hope you all 're doin' good.

God bless all.....

Friday, January 27, 2006

Cinderella 'n' Bob... present day

Cinderella is now 95 years old.
After a fulfillin' life with the now dead prince,
she happily sits upon her rockin' chair,
watchin' the world go by from her front porch,
with a male cat named Bob for companionship.

One sunny afternoon out of nowhere,
appeared the fairy godmother.
Cinderella said, "Fairy godmother, what are you doin'
here after all these years"?

The fairy godmother replied, "Cinderella, you 've lived an
exemplary life since I last saw you.
Is there anything for which your heart still yearns?"

Cinderella was taken aback, overjoyed, and after some
thoughtful consideration,
she uttered her first wish:
"The prince was wonderful, but not much of an investor.
I'm living hand to mouth on my disability checks,
and I wish I were wealthy beyond comprehension."

Instantly her rockin' chair turned into solid gold.

Cinderella said, "Ooh, thank you, Fairy godmother".

The fairy godmother replied "it is the least that I can do.
What do you want for your second wish?"

Cinderella looked down at her frail body, and said,
"I wish I were young and full of the beauty and youth I once had."

At once, her wish became reality, and her beautiful young visage returned.
Cinderella felt stirrings inside of her that had been dormant for years.

And then the fairy godmother spoke once more:
"You 've one more wish; what shall it be?"

Cinderella looks over to the frightened cat in the corner and says,
"I wish for you to transform Bob, my old cat, into a kind and handsome young man."

Magically, Bob suddenly underwent so fundamental a change in his
biological make-up that, when he stood before her, he was a man so
beautiful the likes of him neither she nor the world had ever seen.

The fairy godmother said,
"Congratulations, Cinderella, enjoy your new life.
With a blazing shock of bright blue electricity,
the fairy godmother was gone as suddenly as she appeared.
For a few eerie moments,
Bob and Cinderella looked into each other's eyes.
Cinderella sat,
gazin' at the Most beautiful,
stunningly perfect man she had ever seen.

Then Bob walked over to Cinderella,
who sat transfixed in her rockin' chair,
& held her close in his young muscular arms.
He leaned in close,
blowin' her golden hair with his warm breath as he whispered..........

"Bet you're sorry you neutered me."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Angelina Julie....

Above in the pic, Angelina Julie visitin' NY to meet Pakistan's Prime Minister Mr. Shoukat Aziz. There 're rumors, somethin' is goin' on.

Media people tried to talk to her but she just ran to her (blind/black mirror) car. she never used blind/black mirrored car, ever. When they tried to talk to Prime Minister, he simply said "no comments". He visited Washington to meet President Bush 'n' now he is in NY for his meetin' with UN Secretary General Mr. Kofi Anan. Later Spokesman to Prime Minister said "It was about Miss Julie's next visit to Pakistan in September 2006 for a movie Shootin'"

Few things 're important here that Angelina Julie is Pregnant righ now. It was Brad Pitt's ex girlfriend Jennifer Aniston who announced that Julie is Pregnant 'n' Brad Pitt is the father. Later Julie 'n' Brad said "YES" to this.

Julie has visited Pakistan like (5)five times in last (2)two years. Last time in October Julie 'n' Brad visited together to help Earth quake victums in Kashmir. Brad was visitin' Pakistan Culture Theater while Julie was invited to Dinner alone with Mr. Aziz. In November Julie visited Pakistan again.
Bryan Adams........................................ Keanu Reeves

Pakistan is a Moderate Islamic country 'n' lately different Hollywood Stars like Julie, Brad, Robin Tunny 'n' Gene Hackman 've been visitin' Pakistan. Right now "Bryan Adams" is visitin' Pakistan 'n' MTV is teamin' here for Music Concerts. In September Keanu Reeves 'n' Julie 're visitin' Pakistan to shoot a movie, about US Army 'n' Pakistan Army workin' together in Afghanistan. BUT Julie is Pregnant so they 've ALREADY ANNOUNCED changin' the Shootin' Dates. So they can't say that Julie had Dinner with Mr. Aziz to change the dates. (may be arrange the date) LOL!

Lets see what's gonna come out.......
God bless all....

Monday, January 23, 2006

What Rose Color 're you ???

You Are a White Rose

You represent youthfulness and purity.

Your vibe: Sweet and heavenly

Falling in love with you: is like falling in love for the first time

Why don't you all take this test 'n' share your Rose Color. I hope you all 're doin' good.

God bless all.....

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Today, the day started just like every other day But it ended, givin' me (2)two new Goals.

It was Saturday 'n' it should be off but I had to attend a Meetin' at Lunch time in Office. I got up 'n' Prayed to God Almighty for everybody, took a Nice warmin' shower which took all of my Laziness away. Then Mornin' News 'n' yes the Breakfast. I usually take quite a time with Breakfast but today I took some Extra time. After Breakfast I enjoyed my Most favorite Music Discovery "IL DIVO". Whenever I listen to them I just feel like I'm standin' in some Palace of 13th Century in Europe. I just enjoy listenin' to them, Atleast they help me turn my Attention away from some botherin' matter.

Anyway, At 10:30 am I reaced to Office. When I turned to my Office from the Fast Lane, a Cop came out of no where, it was quite unusual for me but he just told/requested to not to forget to turn off the side signal. I was like "Oh, sorry Dear" I couldn't figure it out, if he was Tellin' me to do so or Requestin' me to do so, Coz both things 're quite different. He just said in a Mixed way 'n' I started thinkin' if he's actin' like a Paki Cop or an American Cop. With that he just returned to his Car 'n' I headed for Office. That made me think "If that Cop was French?" (French Cops never say hello, hey, thenks, sorry, bye or stuff).

So I was enjoyin' my day, I attended the Meetin' 'n' it went Real Good but at end I was Informed that I 'll be the one to Prepare the report for next Contract. With that I was just like tellin' my friends "Oh God! again me, This is not Fair". I just finished this line 'n' my Cell vibrated the next moment, I reached my inside pocket 'n' the call from Gym "Hey Khurram! you got your next (Boxin') match in March". I sat down 'n' I just wanted to say "What the Hell" but NO! I didn't say it 'n' words came out of my mouth "Dear Lord! help me". It just put a Huge smile on my face coz then I realized that it 'll be OK!

I 've been in a situation like this before when I had to work on a Project 'n' next day I got my Match. I worked with "A" for Project but lost the Match, but this time I want Positive Results for both. It's so difficult though coz When I work Hard in Office it takes alot Mind Energy 'n' for that I need Physical rest. But when I work Hard Physically for a Match then I need a Relax Mind.

So lets hope, both 'll go well. I'm gonna work for both for next one 'n' half Month, but I do need Wishes 'n' Prayers from all of you. Right now I'm enjoyin' Coffee coz Sunday is almost here. My daily Diet doen't apply on Sundays coz on Sundays I take all stuff like Paratha 'n' Paki Chicken Rice 'n' alot of Desy stuff. My favorite "Football Classics" just came on, so I'm gonna enjoy my Football.

God bless all......

Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's All About The Game!

*It's all about the Game 'n' How you Play it*

Today we had a Lesson on the Forum of "Multi Religious Peace Concil". I had to Deliver the Lesson to 200 brothers 'n' sisters of different Schools of Thoughts. I chose the subject "It's all about the Game". I had to convey my Message to those 200 Jewish, Christian, Muslim 'n' Hindu brothers 'n' sisters, So it was Pretty Tough to speak, while bein' careful to different Faiths. I quoted different views from Talmood, Bible, Koran, Geeta 'n' Mokid.

I Presented my Views that
Satan likes to play Games But he doesn't take part in it. We all 're the players 'n' Result come "How we play it". It was little bit borin' for them So I didn't take much time for that. I just presented them the basic theam of it "We can play better, even best in the Game. The game of Life. In Life we can 've Nice job, We can 've Nice car, We can 've Nice LifePartner, We can enjoy Life with every bit of it. We also can get the Best in After-Life, The life after death"

BUT for all these things we 've to play this game with no Fouls 'n' no cheatin'. Our strongest opponent Satan doesn't take part in Game but he always tries Hard to screw this Game. If we wanna win this Game then we can
take God as our Coach 'n' we all 're gonna play this Game very well 'n' ofcorse we 'll be the Winners.

So, it all went Great, Everyone told me that they Loved it. Now I'm quite hopeful that all next Sessions 'll go Good, here. Right now I'm thinkin' about my Gym Game though, coz I'm already late so I better go run to Gym. I hope you all 're doin' good.

God bless all....

Monday, January 16, 2006

What 'll You do ???

1. What 'll you do if you find $ 1 Million? I 'll Invest.

2. What 'll you do if you find a Drunk Hot girl sleepin' at your door? Kick her away (I don't like Drunk people).

3. What 'll you do if you find a Terrorist (Tied up)? I 'll Sell him to a North Korean Lab, They 've Labs where they test Chemicals on Human bodies. (no Human Rights for Terrorists).

4. What 'll you do if you wake up 'n' find yourself sittin' on a Judge Seat? Mercy to Most of the people, Fine 'n' Minor Punishment to few people, Slow Mercyless Painful Death Panelty to Terrorists, Rapists, Child Molesters 'n' Drug Dealers.

5. What 'll you do if you wake up 'n' find yourself as President of US? I 'll quit, I can't be on such Seat, where I can't be ME.

6. What 'll you do if you 're out with your GF 'n' some other guy push you away? If it happens only once then I'll Smile 'n' say "God bless you". If it happens again then No Gurantee for Peace.

7. What 'll you do if a Gay try to feel you? I 'll Gift him few Punches 'n' take his teeth.

8. What 'll you do if you 're workin' out in Gym 'n' a Top Hollywood actress looks at your body 'n' ask you Out for Date? I 'll Smile 'n' say "I'm sorry Dear! I'm Unavailable to SL*TS"

9. What 'll you do if some one Offers you $ 1 Million to Kill somebody? I'm a Strong Believer in God 'n' I Believe killin' somebody is Unforgivable Sin.

10. What 'll you do if some one Offers you $ 10000 to Strip Tease infront of 500 girls? I'll do it. LOL!

11. What 'll you do if you find out your Wife is Cheatin' on you? If I Truly Love her, I might Forgive her.

12. What 'll you do if God talks to you 'n' asks you "take whatever you want"? I 'll ask for a Short Life, alittle Money, Good Health 'n' at end, Heaven.

Why don't you all take this with your own Answers in your Blogs. I hope you all 're doin' good.

God bless all....

Friday, January 13, 2006


Photographer did a great job of matchin' up the Kids 'n' Dogs.
A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift
A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift
A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, Joy 'n' Grace
And makes the world we live in, a Better 'n' Happier place.
There's a Miracle called Friendship, that dwells in the heart. You do not know how it happens or when it gets it's start
But you know the special lift it always brings. You realize that friendship is God's most precious gift!
Friendship is the Best Relationship than all, IF it's really Innocent 'n' Pure....

These (7)seven pics 're taken from all parts of the world, They really show Innocent 'n' Pure friendship, They show Beauty. I haven't shown which pic is from which part of the world. So you all 've to do somethin'. Tell me which pic is Best. Yes! these all 're Best, But still you 've to tell which one is the Best.

I hope you all 're doin' good.
God bless all.....

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Personality Aura Color.....

Claire sent me this Link in email. It's a Nice thing to know somethin' about each other's Personalities. Do try it.


Violets are the inspirational visionaries, leaders
and teachers who are here to help save the
planet. Most Violets feel drawn to educate the
masses, to inspire higher ideals, to improve
the quality of life on the planet, or to help
save people, animals and the environment.

What Is Your True Aura Color?
brought to you by Quizilla

Click on Above link to see what is your Personality Aura Color? I hope you all 're doin' good.
God bless all....

Monday, January 09, 2006

God? Peace of Mind....

Few days ago, Christian brothers 'n' sisters Celebrated " Christmas ", then Jewish brothers 'n' sisters had " Hanukkah ", now Muslim brothers 'n' sisters 're Celebratin' " Eid ". These all Celebrations got History behind the Joy. Last night I was checkin' different News Channels 'n' on one of them they were showin' a Documentry about "Hajj", where right now (more than 2.6 Million) Muslims from all over the world 're offerin' their Prayers. CNN 's news reporter John D. said somethin' that has Stuck in my Mind. His words were like this "Like many other Believers of different Faiths, these Believers 're here for "Peace of Mind".

This reminded me of my Past of few years ago, when I was in Search of God, in Search of "Peace of Mind". That time like most of Teen-agers I was Spiritual, not Religious.

I read few books of different Faiths. I checked Computers 'n' Libraries. I got nothin' Important but it gave me few Points to search more. I started visitin' Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Shouls Temples 'n' whatever I could. I started gettin' help from Talmood, Bible, Koran 'n' mokid. I met many Priests, Pastors, Molanas, Ministers 'n' many others. This thing put a Weird kind of Fear in my Parents' hearts. I cleared all of their doubts 'n' I took One year off, of studies to find what I was lookin' for.

I visited Jerusalem, Rome, Mecca, Madina, Japan, Thiland, Morroco 'n' few other places. It made me go Deep more 'n' more. I visited all important Churches, Mosques, Shouls 'n' Temples, Shrines 'n' Leks. EVERYWHERE I FOUND GOD but still I was not satisfied, Somethin' was missin' 'n' I kept searchin'. Till one day when I was walkin' with many of others to Ground of Arafa. Everyone around me was Prayin' to God 'n' busy in Talmeeh.

That was the Moment, I looked down on dirt, looked up to the Beautiful Sky 'n' then I closed my Eyes with a long sigh......... with that sigh, word came out of my mouth " Gooooooooooood ". Then I felt somethin' that I can't Explain. I tried many times till now but I think I 'll never be able to Explain that Feelin'. I just know that at that Point I found the Truth. The Truth that GOD IS EVERYWHERE,the Truth that God is in my Heart, in my Breaths, Closer to me more than my Soul.

Now, whenever people talk about different Faiths, Religions 'n' God, I say only one thing to them " Look inside you, Look who is closer to you more than your own Soul, It's God " It's same God who gives us Life, Sense, Joy, Sadness 'n' at end Death. It's same God who wants us to stay away from Voilance, Sex, Drugs 'n' Hate. It's same God who wants us to Love each other, stay in Peace, work Hard 'n' Enjoy His blessings. It's same God we 'll 've to Return to, after this Life.

God bless all......

Friday, January 06, 2006

Royal Diet ???

Prince York's step father 'n' step brother were killed in Yank Port by "free" French Soldiers, who were not controled by France. After this incident French, British, Free French Soldiers 'n' LandLords of Yank Port started killin' each other, It was a Huge Brutal Bloodshed. Then Prince York entered the area only with 400 Soldiers 'n' Destroyed all others 'n' took the Control back for his Army 'n' Re-named the city New York.

Everybody was Shocked by the sudden Action of those 400 Soldiers 'n' they all were talkin' about those Giant Soldiers havin' so much Power. Prince York said that his Soldiers 've Royal Diet to 've Powerful bodies 'n' minds. So the term "Royal Diet" came from there 'n' still few people use this term.

No body knows what Royal Diet was. I mean no body knows, what was the Real meal that Prince York was feedin' to his Soldiers. But my friends say that I 've Royal Diet. So please don't laugh after readin' my Diet coz it's just Normal for every Heavy Weight Boxer.

Breakfast _ 6 Eggs, 2 liters of Milk, 20 Brown Slices.
10:30 AM _ 6 Bananas, One Yellow Apple.
Lunch _ 1000E of Beaf, Vagies.
4:00 PM _ 2 Fresh Broast full Chicken, 2 liters of Coke.
4:30 PM or so, is Gym time, only One Red Apple.
6:30 PM _ 2 liters of Shake.
Dinner _ 1000E of Beaf, Butter, Salad.
20 min after Dinner _ One Green Apple.

This is my diet (by the Grace of God). So what do you think if it's Royal Diet? If I were born earlier, if were Deservin' to be one of Prince York's Soldiers? Anyway it's Gym time so I better go. I hope you all 're doin' good, You all 're part of my Prayers.

God bless all......

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Just another day......

I was sad coz this year again I couldn't go 'n' see Mr. Olympia Contest. I was sad coz they said that it was not Fair Decision 'n' they 're gonna choose again, But last night, they accepted the first Decision, YUP!!!!

I loved it, Nine(9) judges had to choose one from nine(9) participnts. It was real Great. Mr. Orlando was selected as Mr. Olympia. "Arnold Schwazniger" 'n' Wrestlin' Superstar "Triple H (Hunter)" came up on stage 'n' raised his hands. It was just so Great. So last night I enjoyed watchin' second Ceremony of it.

Today was a Real Busy day in Office. I was in Office for Seven(7) hours 'n' I spent all day, my head down in files or checkin' data in computer. When I came back home I felt like I suddenly got some extra weight. I had to use some Extra Power to open my eyes, LOL! I was that much tired. So I had a very long 'n' relaxin' bath. I stayed for 50 minutes in bath tub. It just made me Fresh. Then I went to Gym for like 35 minutes only, Which is not enough coz I workout 2 'n' half hours everyday. Now Ali 'n' Farooq both 're with me while I'm gonna take Dinner. I 've called to "Universal's" for Dinner. I called them first time so let see if their Dinner is really Best?

Ali is arguein' about my diet, He calls it Royal Diet. I don't think my diet is Royal. Though, I accept I eat more than others coz of my Heavy exercises.

Tomorrow! I 'll attend three(3) Presentations, so I 'll be busy again. Dinner is here now, After Dinner I 'll watch some TV, then Pray 'n' goto sleep. I hope you all 're doin' good.

God bless all......

Monday, January 02, 2006

2005 <----- -----> 2006

Every night when I close my eyes, I think about the day I spent. I analyse my actions 'n' everything. And yes! this thing helps me alot to improve myself. Every day, week, month 'n' every year leaves us with some Memories, Joys 'n' Sadness. 2005 did same for me, gave me some Joy, made me Cry few times. Then me 'n' 2005 broke up, now I just started datin' 2006. Let see what comes.

JOYS OF 2005.

1. I was Promoted 'n' Board of Directors allowed me to deal directly with Stock Exchange.

2. I entered in Gym Business 'n' opened first Branch.

3. Got a chance to spend all night alone near "Roda e Pak".

4. Office of "Multi Religious youth Peace Council" started workin' in Islamabad, Pakistan. I worked for one month with all Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddist 'n' Hindu brothers 'n' sisters.


1. Couldn't sign a Contract, I worked alot for that Contract but I'm sure it 'll be done now in 2006. (by the Grace of God).

2. Had a car accident. I was safe completly but PREETO (my car) was dead. Everybody told me to sell it but I worked alot 'n' it got new Life.

3. Lost a close friend in Kashmir Earth Quake. (may God bless his Soul)


1. Sign my new Boxin' Couch.

2. Improve my self more as a Person 'n' be closer to God.

3. Meet my Other Half, my SoulMate.

I just took Lunch 'n' now I'm gonna watch new release of French Opera. It's collection of 2005 from Italian, French, English 'n' American Opera. I hope you all 're doin' good.

God bless all....