Tuesday, November 29, 2005

NEWLY WEDS.... a sweet story

NEWLY WEDS.... a sweet story

A couple had only been married for two(2) weeks. The husband, although very much in love, couldn't wait to go out to the town Bar 'n' party with his old buddies. So, he said to his new wife, "Honey! I'll be right back."

"Where 're you goin', Coochy Coo?" asked the wife.

"I'm goin' to the bar, Pretty Face. I'm goin' to have a beer."

The wife said, "You want a beer, my love?" She opened the door to the refrigerator and showed him 25 different kinds of beer, Brands from 12 different countries: Germany, Holland, Japan, India, etc. The husband didn't know what to do, and the only thing that he could think of sayin' was, "Yes, Lollipop... but at the bar... you know... they 've frozen glasses... "

He didn't get to finish the sentence, because the wife interrupted him by sayin', "You want a frozen glass, Puppy Face?" She took a huge beer mug out of the freezer, so frozen that she was gettin' chills just holdin' it.

The husband, lookin' a bit pale, said, "Yes, Tootsie Roll, But at the bar they 've those hors d'oeuvres that 're really delicious...I won't be long. I'll be right back. I promise. OK?"

"You want hors d'oeuvres, Poochie Pooh?" She opened the oven and took out 5 dishes of different hors d'oeuvres: Chicken Wings, Pigs in blankets, Mushroom caps, and Pork Strips.

"But my sweet honey... at the bar.... you know..there's swearin', dirty words and all that..."

"You want dirty words, Cutie Pie?... "LISTEN UP DICKHEAD!

....'n' They lived happily ever after.

Isn't that a sweet story?
God bless all........

Friday, November 25, 2005

My Favorite Super Stars....

You all know I love Sports 'n' I don't miss any of the major Sports event. I'm gonna be in Ring soon for a match. These 're my favorite Super Stars who inspire me alot.

The Golf King. Tiger Woods(US) if he's takin' part in some tournment then 80% chances of Victory go in his favor. He recently won "British Golf Open", right after that he won "Dutch Open" 'n' right after that "U.S Open".

Lance Armstrong(US) won "Tour De France" Cycle Race (7)seven times 'n' it's World Record. He won, got Cancer, got Betrayed by Slut wife, become Pennyless, came back, recovered 'n' won again. He is Model to me.

My most favorite Football Player Muhsin Muhammad, who's holdin' many Sports Records. He's the only Sportsman in the world of any Sports, who was Jobless only for (1)one day in his life. I mean if he leaves a club one day, second day some other club Beggs him to join them. No other sports man in the World has this record. He's been playin' for "Panthers" 'n' now joined "Bears".

I'm a great fan of Soccer. I like many Soccer teams 'n' clubs But my Favorite clubs 're "Manchester United" of "English Premier League", "Real Madrid" from "Spainish La Lega" that has many famous players like David Bekham(England's Captain), Zain Ud Din Zidan(France's Captain) 'n' Ronaldo (Super Star from Brazil). Del Piaro of Italy has also played for them. Anyway my Most Favorite Soccer player is Thierry Henry(France), he plays for France but he is Captain of an English club Arsenal. (I always think if "Arsenal" is word from Arse that is an English word for Ass).

Michael Jordan(U.S) is a name that is still a symbol of Passion in Basketball. He's been playin' for long time 'n' he's the Richest player in this Sports.

Formula One Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher(Germany) is a livin' Legend. He won Formula One Championship more than he could remember. He's Best of the Best.

In the Tennis world Tim Henman(England) is my favorite. He's the only Tennis player who had played in (2) different tounments in same one Season.

Martina Hingis(Switzerland) is my favorite Female Tennis player. She has a Record to become World No.1 at the age of 16. She also has Record to hold this place for longest time.

Squash is the game that I Love coz it's the quickest game for people like me. I used to Practice it 'n' I still take time for it. Jansher Khan(Pakistan) was the Bestest in this game. He won World Championship (8) eight times.

Alexander Popov(Russia), who just changed Swimmin' history. He won Olympic Swimmin' Championship (4) four times. He's the only Swimmer who put American swimmers in worry.

If I were not Practicin' Boxin' then I were gonna be a Wrestler. I 've attended 'n' Passed "A.A point Wrestlin' School". I 've many favorite Wrestlers like Steve Austin(Stone Cold), Kurt Angle 'n' many others, But my Most Favorite Wrestlers 're Chris Beniot(Canada) 'n' Hunter(Triple H)(U.S).

Mohamed Ali(U.S) is my all times Favorite Boxer. I don't 've to tell about him coz you all know him.

Mike Tyson is great Boxer. He's in my Favorite list but not as Model. He is Great in the Ring but out of the Ring, a Stupid Psyco who hits wife.

Friday I'm gonna announce the date for my Boxin' Match in the Gym. May be in the future, I 'll join the list of these Super Stars.
God bless you all.....

Monday, November 21, 2005


Well, Weekend passed like "So Quick". Friday, I was in Office till 1:00 pm. I had nice Lunch with Erum 'n' Rafik. I took some rest coz I wanted to be Fresh in the Gym. At 5:15 pm Javaid called me to wake me up. So I was ready to goto Gym 'n' sign the match.

Javaid came to pick me up coz I just didn't wanna drive. So I signed the match 'n' I need to win it. So Next few days I'm gonna spend alot of time in Gym 'n' I 'll also take rest more than normal. Ofcourse Diet 'll also be increased. Infact I'm just workin' on it right now. I just took Chicken Broast 'n' after this entry the other Chicken Broast 'll b ripped. LOL!

Saturday, We had nice Lesson. We talked about different matters of Life. Specially Emotions like Anger 'n' Love. After I came home, I was thinkin' for long time about Emotions.

I wonder, How easily we can get Angry 'n' How hard it is to feel Joy in today's busy Life. We all take no time to get in bad mood or get in fight with some body But when we see some one is feelin' down, we don't give them some Friendship or Love coz we don't 've enough time to think about others. I'm usin' the word "We" for Most of Us.

I think this pic can explain somthin'. From the time we open our eyes in bed till the time we close our eyes in bed, we see Most people in this mood.

I think it's so easy to creat Happiness. To give some joy 'n' happiness to others. When I was young, I was thinkin' that I 'll be happy when I 'll 've a Palace on the Clouds in the Sky.

A same Image like this was appearin' in my mind, when I was thinkin' about my Joyful Palace. But when I grew up by facin' different faces of Life, I knew that happiness 'n' Joy comes when we do somthin' to make other people happy.

Believe me, It's so easy to bring a smile on people's faces. A little act like this pic or even a little smile from you can bring alot of Joy to other people. When we make someone smile, God loves it Most than the all other actions.

Today after Office I went to the same Orphan Age, where I visit usually. I saw how easy it is for those kids to bring joy for each other. Those kids 've no language, no race, no color, no religion 'n' no differance. They speak with Innocent Smiles. It makes me feel so good whenever I visit them. After that I went with Javaid to his Pool match. I don't like this game but I don't hate it also, So I was there 'n' some other friends were also there. It was nice 'n' Javaid won that Match.

Now I'm goin' to Gym after I finish some food. I also wanna win my Match.
God bless all.....

Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Little About Me....

FAVORITE PLACE TO 'VE A HOUSE _ Switzerland (Only for Summer).

FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHIN' _ Any thing except Business suits Coz I 've to wear them every day in Office.

FAVORITE PHYSICAL FEATURES OF OPPOSITE SEX _ My friends say that I 've wierd Choice. Most men like tall girls But I prefer "short". Most men like slim girls But I prefer "A Little Chubby". I didn't say fat, Only A Little Chubby.


FAVORITE PLACE TO BE _ Depends on my Mood. Gym, Boxin' Arena, Wrestlin' Arena, Soccer, Tennis, Football or any Sports getherin', Musical Shows, Opera or any other nice Drama, Art gallery. etc.

LEAST FAVORITE PLACE TO BE _ Places with stupid people. Casino, Stripers, Night Clubs even Bars. etc.

FAVORITE PLACE TO BE MASSAGED _ Get back massage on any island in Malaysia, I bet they 're best massagers in the world.

WHAT'S MOST IMPORTNT? A STRONG MIND OR A STRONG BODY _ A man needs both to 've a Strong Personality.

TIME TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNIN' _ Usually, Early Mornin', 5:30 am (Summer), 6:30 am (Winter).

FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE _ Fruit Juice Cranner. You all know I take so much Juice.

THINGS, THAT MAKE REALLY ANGRY _ People with Stupid ideas, I don't name a person. That person works in my Office 'n' just fu*ks around 'n' now she's gonna adopt a baby to start a family, She thinks Marriage is a chain in foot, to 've sex with other people.

AVORITE MUSIC INSTRUMENT _ Piano. It gives me Joy, It makes me Cry.

FAVORITE COLOR _ Black, as first option. White, as 2nd.

SPORTS CAR OR SUV _ SUV. I hate sports car Freaks.

BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE? _ Yup, I'm a Strong Believer in God.


FAVORITE SEASON _ I enjoy every se
ason. (Just in different places).

LEAST FAVORITE HOUSEHOLD CHORE _ Actually I don't 've to do much. I go out for Lunch 'n' Dinner or I just call them for Home service. They pick 'n' drop the laundry. Some times I 've to clean home 'n' stuff 'n' I love doin' things with my own h

WANNA 'VE ANY SUPER POWER? _ What ever I got, I'm thankful to God
Almighty for that.

GOT ANY TATTOO? _ I'm not a Gangster, I hate that stuff.

GOT ANY PIERCIN'? _ I'm not a Punk, I hate that stuff.

CAN JUGGLE? _ I'm not sure. Some times yes.

ANNA TALK TO ANY PERSON FROM PAST? _ My MOM, I miss her too much.

ay. It's upto us, We can make it Best, We can make it Worst. Everyday.

AT'S IN THE TRUNK OF THE CAR? _ Some Tools 'n' stuff.

SUSHI OR HAMBURGER? _ Depends on mood. I love to e


So, Wh
at do you think about my likes 'n' dislikes with my Pic.
God bless