Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm Tagged...

Ok, some of you think that I tag alot but I tag alot coz I'm tagged alot. LOL! Amzu Dear has tagged me for this.

Most Desired Celebrity:

Martina Hingis, No actress here....

2. Wanna do this someday:

I wanna start a Trust someday, that help the people all around the world.

3. Wanna visit this place:

I 've already visited more than half of the world, Wanna visit the rest someday.

4.Random Favorite:

Still wanna know?

If you think you liked it then you 're tagged. *Smiles*
God bless all.....

Friday, June 23, 2006

Busy 'n' Relax...

Well, this month is goin' just too busy. Meetings with Delegations from Singapore 'n' Japan 're goin' really good. Yesterday I had to visit famous modelin' network "Fashions" coz we 're signin' a contract with them. We had to wait there for like 50 min, for Japanies (Mr. Toki Yama) so those 50 min I got to see some modelin' sets.

As you all know I'm Allergic to Models 'n' Movie Actresses, so I decided to sit in the office 'n' check some paper work but there was group visitin' for Cultural Modelin' from Lollywood (Lollywood, Pakistan Film Industry). I decided to enjoy some Cultural stuff 'n' I really did.

So after that we had a nice meetin' 'n' we achieved our task at best. Still 2 more meetings to go 'n' I'm sure that I 'll be doin' fine. I missed last Soccer match on Tv so I'm gonna watch it's Highlights. I'm enjoyin' World Cup, I wish I could get some days off to watch the Finals in Germany but these days it's hard to take days off.

I hope you all 're doin' good. *Smiles*
God bless all.....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Ok, Sumaiya sent me this Matchmakin' test. I thought I'd share it here so here it is.

Khurram, your match is Drew Barrymore.

So click on the pic 'n' find out who your match is. *wink*

God bless all.....

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Office Office.....

Well, I'm sittin' here in livin' room, enjoyin' the Soccer World Cup match on TV, Pepsi in my right hand, remote in my left hand 'n' I'm tryin' to match my vocal ups 'n' downs with Italians while they 're singin' their Anthem for their players. I'm enjoyin' the weekend.

I was too busy last few days, alot of work in Office had too much stress, plus there was alot stress created by some of my own people, so I needed this cool 'n' calm weekend.

Next week is gonna be more busy. Singapore delegation arrieved here on Friday, Japanies delegation from Tokyo Stock Exchange 'll be here on Monday. We 've our first meetin' on Tuesday. I was offered by the Joint Committee to work in Japan but I denied 'n' made a stupid choice coz I trusted some one's words. We 've 4 meetings in next week 'n' I think it's time to undo that stupid choice. In one of those meetings I'm gonna sign to work in Japan. I hope it 'll help me get out of this stress.

The 2nd half of the match has just started so I'm gonna watch it, after the match I'm gonna enjoy Opera live from Sydney, then I'm gonna 've some sleep. I hope you all 're doin' good, my Prayers 're goin' for all of you.

God bless all....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ABC of Me...

The ABCs of Me

Accent: Mut, General American accent.
None, don't feel like shocked.
Chore I Hate
: None, I love to do things with my own hands.
Dog or Cat:
Tiger (my dog).
Essential Electronics:
Cell phone, Laptop.
Favorite Cologne:
Gold or Silver:
I don't wear no Jewelry, just the wrist watch.
wherever I live, Paki Twin Cities 're my home. Click Here to see the newly uploaded pics of my Home.
I'm a human so just like everybody else I can't sleep sometimes.
Job Title: Loan Butor, (Investor in Stock Exchange).
Living Arrangements: Me 'n' me alone in 6 bedroom home.
Most Admirable Traits:
As for me, good friend, for others, Honesty
Number of Sexual Partners:
I believe in Naughty, Nasty 'n' Kinky Lovemakin' but only with one, that be my wife.
Overnight Hospital Stays
: 3 times.
"God bless you".
Peace, Love, Spritualism.
I 've 4.
Time I Wake Up:
5:30 am in Summer, 6:30 am Winter.
Unusual Talent or Skill:
You 'll 've to wait. When I 'll get marry, My wife can answer this. LOL!
Vegetable I Love:
Almost all, but I don't take much. I use alot meat in my Diet.
Worst Habit:
Stickin' to a 'Positive' point 'n' not stepin' back.
X-Rays, Last time: After my last Boxin' match.
Yummy Food I Make: Tomato Chicken.
Zodiac Sign: I don't believe in this stuff, at all.

I'm sure you all 're gonna like it so I'm taggin' you all. *Smiles*
God bless all.....

Sunday, June 11, 2006

5 ITEMS.....

Five Items in my Fridge:
1. Bread, for every 3 days.
2. Milk, 3 items pack, one liter each.
3. Fruit (Apple, Banana, Watermelon, Tomato) ofcourse for 3 days.
4. Pepsi, Coke 'n' stuff....
5. Butter, 6 items pack of half liter each, for one week.

Five Items in my Closet:
1. Basket for laundry, which goes for cleanin' every Friday 'n' comes back on Sunday.
2. Super Pairs of my Boxin' gloves.
3. A different Rc for my Paki clothes, that I wear very few for cultural getherin' only.
4. Rc of my Armani 'n' Dal collection, that I wear for office 'n' social getherin'.
5. Rc of my Gym trousers, shorts, shoes.

Five Items in my Car:
1. Huge Music collection (Opera, Pop, Calssic, Paki Bhangra).
2. Magazines (Business, Sports).
3. A suit always stays ready.
4. A Candy pack.
5. Few of Tiger's toys.

Five Items in my Wallet:
1. important numbers.
2. Some cash.
3. Credit cards.
4. My ID.
5. My Mom's pic.
(Amazin' thing is, most of the time I don't keep my wallet with me).

So here, you all 're tagged. *Smiles*
God bless all.....

Friday, June 09, 2006


A simple word "Trust". What does it mean? it carries very complex meanings in it. We all understand this word but we all take this word in many different ways.

How does it feel when you Trust somebody BUT they stab you? There is a Trust between friends, between Business-Partners, between family members, between team members, between Lovers in a Love Realtionship 'n' there is Trust between people in many other ways.

In my life 'n' in everybody's life it happens in one of the above way, that you Trust somebody 'n' they stab you. Being a Believer I forgive those people who hurt me coz this is what I'm told, this is what I'm taught 'n' this is what God wants me to do.

I 've a question for all of you 'n' for answer you 've 4 options.

When somebody plays with your Trust (in Love, work, family, friends, business or in any other way) what you 're gonna do to them?

A. Forgive them, if "yes" then how you 're gonna forgive them?

B. Punish them, if "yes" then how you 're gonna punish them?

C. Give them another chance 'n' Trust them again, if "yes" then how?

D. You 're gonna do somethin' else, what?

God bless all.....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Your Accent.....

A fun test, do take it 'n' share your Accent with me.

God bless all....

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Love is a Universal Truth, no one can deny that. A Man 'n' a Girl (also gays/lesbians) meet each other 'n' at some point (sooner or later) they feel they 're in love with each other. Some times they meet at parties, meet through friends, meet as co-workers, meet in schools/colleges, meet at business dinners, meet in neighborhood 'n' many other ways. There is another way some people believe in it 'n' some don't. INTERNET!!!

People meet via Internet 'n' fall in love, some times coz of one's Beauty the other falls in love, some times coz of one's lovely Heart 'n' Soul, some times just coz of one's Attitude 'n' Personality. It's also True that alot of people just play Games here, they just play with others' emotions 'n' they don't even care that they can hurt somebody so badly. Though it's also True that people even play Games in real life, it's also True that I 've seen people fallin' in love via Internet 'n' gettin' married 'n' spendin' a happy life.

What do you(all) think individually? you 're single 'n' you meet sombody via Internet, 1. Are you gonna let yourself fall in love? 2. You think of it as just a Game? 3. Do you 've any other opinion about this?

God bless all....